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Board Meeting Set: The State Board of Opticians will meet by telephone conference call on Tuesday, November 13th - see tentative agenda for call-in number.

4/2018 2018 Board Election Nominations Due - The deadline for submitting nominations for the 2018 State Board election into the Board office (for two seats expiring June 30) is close of business Monday, April 2.

State Board of Opticians Review of Existing Rules N.C. General Statute 150B-21.3A adopted in 2013, requires state agencies to review existing rules every 10 years. The State Board of Opticians rules are encompassed in the subchapters of Title 20 of the North Carolina Administrative Code. Agency rules that do not complete the required decennial review expire, unless an exemption applies. The Board's rules are reviewed on a schedule established by the Rules Review Commission. N.C. General Statutes 150B-21.3A(c) requires the Department to review each rule and make an initial determination from one of these three classifications: - Necessary with substantive public interest - the agency has received public comment on the rule within the past two years or the rule affects the property interest of the regulated public, and the agency knows or suspects that any person may object to the rule. - Necessary without substantive public interest - the agency determines that the rule is needed, and the rule has not had public comment in the last two years. This category includes rules that identify information that is readily available to the public, such as an address or telephone number. - Unnecessary - the agency determines that the rule is obsolete, redundant or otherwise not needed. The rules currently due for review, and the Board’s initial classifications, are provided by link here. While reviewing classifications, one can reference the individual rules’ text here. The initial classifications of existing rules by an agency are subject to public review and comment for a period of sixty days. N.C. General Statutes 150B-21.3A(5) defines a “public comment” as “written comments objecting to the rule, in whole or in part, received by an agency from any member of the public, including an association or other organization representing the regulated community or other members of the public.” Additionally, pursuant to G.S. 150B-21.3A(c)(2), in order for the Rules Review Commission to determine whether the public comment has merit, the public comment must address the specific substance of the rule and address any of the standards of Commission review, as set forth in G.S. 150B-21.9(a). Comments regarding the Department's initial determinations will be accepted by e-mail to or by mail to: NC State Board of Opticians ATTN: Rulemaking Coordinator PO Box 6758 Raleigh, NC 27628 Comment period STARTS 2/5/18 and ENDS 4/6/18

10/2016 After asking for 3 years, the 2016 General Assembly has approved the Board’s fee increase request, and made other changes to Board operations. Rules’ revisions to implement its provisions has begun. Read more....

1-800CONTACTS phone menu prompts can help manage verification calls. Go to phone menu information.

10/2016 Decorative/'cosmetic' contact lenses are more than scary...they can be dangerous!! Read here about why they should only be obtained by prescription, and dispensed by a licensed optician.

Legislative committees are active between sessions, and discussions have recommenced regarding the 2014 Program Evaluation Division report. The State Board and the NC Opticians Association (NCOA) have issued a joint communication as a call-to-arms for quality vision care and protection for the public.