The NC State Board of Opticians welcomes you to information regarding training, licensure and opticianry regulations and education in the state. Check us out often for a "clear vision" of opticianry in North Carolina.

Established by the NC General Assembly in 1951, the seven-member Board is comprised of five (5) dispensing opticians, and two (2) public members, all of whom serve three-year terms. Members are appointed by the Governor.

The Board's primary functions, defined by state statute and administrative rule, are the administration of the licensure process (including the licensure exam), and the oversight of regulations pertaining to optical businesses and training establishments. The Board has disciplinary authority over licensees and those participating in opticianry training processes. It reviews continuing education hours submitted by educational entities, and approves those hours it considers appropriate to enhance NC opticians' professional knowledge while complying with statutory requirements regarding CECs.

In accordance with the Open Meetings Law, the Board's meetings are open to the public, and minutes are recorded and available by written request.

The offices and staff of the Board are headquartered in Raleigh; hours can vary with staff assignments and availability. The office is closed for State holidays. If you're planning an office visit, please call ahead for staff assistance.

The Board invites your comments on this site, and how it can be made more productive and informative.

BOARD HAS BEGUN RULEMAKING...with all proposed revision to be effective October 1, 2019.

Many of these revisions are 'housekeeping' - where slight/technical corrections are made. Others have text inserted to clarify current Board processes for registrations and/or applications; one rule is being repealed; and another rule is being created to outline the procedures for military personnel and their spouses to apply for NC licensure.

The Notice of Text can be accessed, showing a summary of the changes (see Page 2) and the full text of the affected rules with changes (strikeovers are deletions, underlined texts are replacements/insertions).

The Notice of Text was filed with the Office of Administrative Hearings last week, with publication in the NC Register set for June 3, 2019.

The Board is required to receive comments from all individuals or entities about any proposed rule changes.

  • Written comments can be mailed to the Board at PO Box 6758, Raleigh NC 27628-6758.
  • Comments can be emailed to

(Please reference the Rule number(s) on which you're commenting in an email's subject line, or for any written comments.)

  • You may also appear to present your comments at a Public Hearing scheduled for Wednesday, June 19th, beginning at 1:00 PM at the Board office (3809 Computer Drive, Raleigh).

The public comment period for these revisions is from June 3 - August 2.